South East Asian Games History

The Southeast Asian Games, otherwise called the SEA Games, is a biennial multi-sport occasion including members from the ebb and flow 11 nations of Southeast Asia. The games is under guideline of the Southeast Asian Games Federation with supervision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia.

The Southeast Asian Games owes its birthplaces toward the South East Asian Peninsula Games or SEAP Games. On 22 May 1958, delegates from the nations in Southeast Asian Peninsula going to the Asian Games in Tokyo, Japan had a gathering and consented to build up a game association.

The SEAP Games was conceptualized by Luang Sukhum Nayaoradit, at that point Vice-President of the Thailand Olympic Committee. The proposed method of reasoning was that a provincial game will help advance co-activity, comprehension and relations among nations in the Southeast Asian area.

Six nations, Burma (presently Myanmar), Kampuchea (presently Cambodia), Laos, Malaya (presently Malaysia), Thailand and Vietnam were the establishing individuals. These nations consented to hold the Games biennially in June 1959 and SEAP Games Federation Committee was framed thereafter.[1]

The first SEAP Games were held in Bangkok from 12–17 December 1959 containing in excess of 527 competitors and authorities from Thailand, Burma, Malaya (presently Malaysia), Singapore, South Vietnam and Laos partaking in 12 games.

At the eighth SEAP Games in 1975, the SEAP Federation thought about the consideration of Brunei, Indonesia and the Philippines. These nations were officially conceded in 1977, that year when SEAP Federation changed their name to Southeast Asian Games Federation (SEAGF), and the games were known as the Southeast Asian Games. East Timor was conceded at the 22nd Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam.

The 2009 Southeast Asian Games was the first run through Laos has ever facilitated a Southeast Asian Games (Laos had recently declined facilitating the 1965 Southeast Asian Peninsular Games refering to budgetary troubles). Running from 9–18 December, it has likewise honored the 50 years of the Southeast Asian Games, held in Vientiane, Laos.

Participating Nations – Sea Games

There are 11 members of Southeast Asian Games Federation are expected to take part in Sea games. Below is all the list of the participating nations.










East Timor



The Southeast Asian Games logo was presented during the 1959 release in Bangkok, delineating six rings that speak to the six establishing individuals and was utilized until the 1997 version in Jakarta.

The quantity of rings expanded to 10 during the 1999 release in Brunei to mirror the consideration of Singapore which was conceded into the Southeast Asian Games Federation in 1961 and Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines which joined the association in 1977.

The quantity of rings was added again to 11 during the 2011 games in Indonesia to mirror the alliance’s most up to date part, East Timor which was conceded in 2003.

Host Nation List – Sea Games

Year – Host Country

1959 – Thailand

1961 – Burma

1963 – Combodia

1965 – Malaysia

1967 – Thailand

1969 – Burma

1971 – Malaysia

1973 – Singapore

1975 – Thailand

1977 – Malaysia

1979 – Indonesia

1981 – Philippines

1983 – Malaysia

1985 – Thailand

1987 – Indonesia

1989 – Malaysia

1991 – Philippines

1993 – Singapore

1995 – Thailand

1997 – Indonesia

The 1963 Southeast Asian Peninsular Games were dropped. As the assigned host, Cambodia was not ready to have the occasion due to agitating in-nation conditions, alongside a conflict with the International Amateur Athletic Federation. The third SEAP Games at that point went to Laos as hosts, yet they asked off the 1965 occasion refering to money related troubles.

Sports – Sea Games

As per the SEAGF Charter and Rules, a host country must stage at least 22 games: the two necessary games from Category 1 (games and aquatics), notwithstanding at least 14 games from Category 2, and a limit of 8 games from Category 3 (concealed dim in the table beneath).

Each game will not offer over 5% of the all out award count, aside from sports, aquatics, and shooting. For each game and occasion to be incorporated, at least four nations must take an interest in it. Sports contended in the Olympic Games and Asian Games must be given need.

South East Games Medal List

1 Thailand (THA)2162182718215810
2 Indonesia (INA)1752162016695041
3 Malaysia (MAS)1248121516144077
4 Philippines (PHI)918107613573351
5 Singapore (SGP)89495612943144
6 Vietnam (VIE)8307828862498
7 Myanmar (MYA)5607239412224
8 Laos (LAO)6888291447
9 Cambodia (CAM)65109222396
10 Brunei (BRU)1250157219
11 East Timor (TLS)352129