Polo Live Coverage at the Sea Games

Polo is another special games at the Sea Games 2019. Polo at the Sea Games will be scheduled from November 24, 26 & 28 and December 1,3,4,6 & 8 2019.

How to watch Polo Live Stream at the Sea Games 2019 Live ?

Check out the Sea Games 2019 country wise broadcast list & How to watch via VPN, where you can watch men’s football Thailand Vs Indonesia Live stream and all sports at the Sea Games live.

Country – Broadcast List

Philippines – NEP Group, ABS – CBN , TV5 Network and Nine Media Corporation

Indonesia – MNC, Media Kompas, Gramedia Group

Laos – Laos National radio and Television network

Myanmar – Myanmar radio and Television

Singapore – Mediacorp

Thailand – Television Pool of Thailand

Timor Leste – RTTL

Vietnam – VTV

About Polo

A game played on horseback on a huge field between two groups of 4 players each with the article to drive a little wooden ball down the field with a since quite a while ago gave hammer and into the adversaries’ objective for a score and to keep the rivals from scoring.

The ball is played with the side of the hammer head, and all strokes must be produced using horseback. Polo is accepted to have begun in Persia, and it is referred to have been played as right on time as 500 B.C. A match comprises of six 7 1/2-minute times of play called ‘chukkers’.

As a result of the strain on the steeds, customarily called horses, a similar steed isn’t utilized in progressive chukkers. A polo player ordinarily has 3 horses which he substitutes. Two of the 4 players in the group play forward of their partners are alluded to as advances. The other two players, who have principally cautious obligations, are the backs.

Polo is played utilizing an impediment framework wherein every player is evaluated at a specific number of focuses as indicated by his ability and relative incentive to his group.

The entirety of the impairments of the individual colleagues approaches the group’s impediment. The group with the lower absolute is given the distinction in focuses toward the start of the game.

The game is constrained by 2 mounted umpires situated at every one of the field who watch for riding infractions. Due to the two clear peril to both pony and rider from impacts and unpleasant play, the standards of polo need to do mainly with safe riding.

It is commonly unlawful for one rider to cut crosswise over before a rival to play the ball however a rider may move in front from a slight edge on the off chance that he proceeds a similar way as the adversary.

Contact between steeds is allowed inasmuch as the pace is moderate or the point at which one rider moves toward another from the back is slight. A player may ride a rival off the ball by veering his steed into the opponent’s, however his steed might not have its shoulders before the restricting pony.

It is reasonable to snare a rival’s hammer with one’s own, however it must be done distinctly on a similar side of the steed while the other player is endeavoring to play the ball.

Infringement of these guidelines and any playing of the hammer into a steed’s legs are fouls which are punished by the granting of an objective or a free hit to the next group at the spot of the foul or at a spot 30, 40, or 60 yards before the objective, contingent upon the reality of the foul.