Netball Live at the Southeast Asian Games 2019


Netball is the another sports at the Sea Games 2019. It will be held in Philippines. Netball will be scheduled between from 25th November 2019 to 7 December 2019.

About Netball :

This game has close comparability with the sport of b-ball. Truth be told, netball’s improvement was gotten from early forms of b-ball, and it started during the 1890.

It advanced into its very own game as the quantity of ladies taking part in sports expanded. Ball was imagined in 1891 by James Naismith in the United States.

Notwithstanding, groups here are permitted seven players each on the court. Every player is allocated a particular position, which constrains their development to a specific region of the court.

Games, which regularly comprise of four 15-minute quarters, are played on a rectangular court separated into thirds and shooting hovers are at each end, with raised objective rings at each end.

Those rings measure 380 millimeters in width and sit on 3.05 meter significant standard posts that have no back boards like the glass in b-ball ring.

Each group endeavors to score objectives by passing a ball down the court and shooting it through its objective ring. Players are relegated explicit positions, which characterize their jobs inside the group and confine their development to specific territories of the court.

During general play, a player with the ball can clutch it for just three seconds before going for an objective or going to another player. The triumphant group is the one that scores the most objectives.

The goal of a game is to score a larger number of objectives than the rival. Objectives are scored when a colleague situated in the assaulting shooting circle shoots the ball through the objective ring.

Where & When can you watch the Netball Live Streaming at the Sea Games 2019 ?

Check out the Sea Games 2019 country wise broadcast list & How to watch via VPN, where you can watch men’s football Thailand Vs Indonesia Live stream and all sports at the Sea Games live.

Country – Broadcast List

Philippines – NEP Group, ABS – CBN , TV5 Network and Nine Media Corporation

Indonesia – MNC, Media Kompas, Gramedia Group

Laos – Laos National radio and Television network

Myanmar – Myanmar radio and Television

Singapore – Mediacorp

Thailand – Television Pool of Thailand

Timor Leste – RTTL

Vietnam – VTV