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billiards Live Sea Games 2019
billiards Live Sea Games 2019

Billiards is one another important game in multi sport event and Sea Games. Billiards at the Sea Games 2019 will be held on 3 to 10 December 2019. Check out Billiards at the Sea Games 2019 live stream, live telecast, Venue, Dates , Participating nations and athletes info.

A type of billiards in Great Britain that is played between 2 players on a 12-by-6 foot table with 6 pockets utilizing a white, a spot white, and a red ball.

The item is to score focuses for making a gun driving the sign ball against both article balls, a triumphant peril driving the white or the red article ball into a pocket, or a losing danger caroming the prompt ball off either the red or white article ball into a pocket.

A triumphant peril wherein the red ball is taken checks 3; if the white ball is stashed it tallies 2 points. A losing risk is worth 3 points if the sign ball first caroms off the red ball and 2 if off the white ball. A gun tallies 2 points, and any blend of gun and perils made on a solitary stroke is checked.

Players substitute turns, yet each proceeds with a turn (called a break) as long as he keeps on scoring. As far as possible the quantity of progressive guns or dangers that a player may make.

A game played by 2 players or sides on a 12-by-6 foot or 10-by-5 foot table set apart concerning English billiards with a white sign ball, 15 red object balls and 6 object bundles of various hues.

The object of the game is to take a red ball and a hued ball on the other hand each time restoring the hued balls to the table until the red balls have been stashed lastly pocket every one of the hued balls arranged by their numerical qualities.